Everything starts with a dream

My dream for as long as I can remember was to be able to be a stay at home mom. Whelp, que real life and money. Even before I got married I always knew I wanted to have the security to stay home with my children. Unfortunately, I know all too well how expensive child care is, my “day job” has been nannying on and off for the last 10+ years. That insight has pushed me to look for more.

My husband and I knew we would have to work hard to be able to afford this dream we both shared (plus we both have expensive hobbies, horses and cars). This was an even greater motivation for us to push hard to achieve our big dreams. Sacrifices have to be made and lifestyle changes are the only way to make those changes permanent. It’s just like a diet, you can choose a crash diet and lose the weight quickly but you will ALWAYS gain it back. You could choose to make a sustainable lifestyle change instead and keep those changes long term.

Now I’m certainly not saying you have to give everything up and eat rice and beans for months on end. We still go on vacations, but we travel hack them. We still have expensive pets, (horses and dogs are NOT cheap) but they are important to us so we budget for them. We just purchased a BRAND NEW car, but I drove our old beat up pick up truck for over a year to save for the down payment. We choose to do most dinners with friends or family at home (even if it’s takeout) because it costs less than going to a restaurant. 

We don’t feel like we’re missing out on life not a gosh darn bit at all. Sometimes it’s a struggle, sometimes we’ve given in and made some not so great choices and that’s OK. We’re human and we keep each other on track most days. 

This is where Perfectly Imperfect Money Coaching was born. I knew that I wanted to empower others to dream big and help them design a plan to get their finances in order to make those dreams a reality. If you know me in real life you know I am a bit of a workaholic and the reality of just being home with kids and not working at all just isn’t an option and creating my own sustainable business was the answer to our prayers. 

Meet Sam

Proud military spouse
Avid horsewoman
Aspiring homesteader
Debt Destroyer

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My life mantra has always been “Be a sunflower, stand tall and find the light, even on the darkest days”. I show up every single day knowing I can make the best out of a crummy situation, and I always face the world head on knowing I’ll make it through.

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